Everything is going great. You’ve just met someone with the same interests and hobbies, and you talk to them almost everyday. Almost? Okay… everyday. You swear this is your long lost sibling – you’ll never forget them. One day you message them and they seem irritated. “Did I do something?” you ask. “no.”, is their response. You try to go on, but now your stomach is tied in all sorts of knots. You continue to talk, but it’s not the same. Now they’re not responding – they’ve left you on Read at 4:32pm. What now? You’ve tried talking about it and even apologized in case you did something wrong, but there is still no response. You’ve decided to leave them alone, and you both begin to drift away. How do you recover from this unexpected, broken friendship?

The best advice I can give is to keep being yourself. If they say nothing is wrong, then move on. Or if you feel something isn’t right, slowly distance yourself until they come back around. You never know how their day went, or if they’re worrying about a loved one. The best thing you can do is be there for them, or give them space until they’re better. However, if things never get back to normal, don’t worry too much. I know losing a friend can be hard (especially for no reason), but you will always make new friends and you will eventually find that person that will stick by your side for life.