I’m sure you’ve all heard the popular term, “goals” posted in comments all over the internet. Girls see pretty hair, what do they say? “GOALS”. A petite person? “GOALS”. A couple? “RELATIONSHIP GOALS.”. Perhaps a guy sees another guy who’s nice and built.. “goals, bro”. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this trending word to be GONE! It’s all fun and goals until it becomes the standard for living (see what I did there? Fun and goals… fun and games. Haha..). A while ago, the in thing was small figures, then curvy figures, and now they want us to be both! “Slim-thick” is what they call it. If I’m not mistaking, “slim-thick” is a girl who’s “thick” everywhere else except her waist. It’s what guys are running after, and what girls are aiming for.

However, this post isn’t just about our bodies, but whatever the media considers to be beautiful or worthy of our attention. If you ask me, going around commenting “goals” on everything just isn’t wise, and it certainly doesn’t help us if we’re already feeling crummy about whatever is going on in our lives. A goal is something someone wants to accomplish – something they want to have done in their life. When we constantly say this word, what are we subconsciously telling ourselves? “I need to achieve this in my life. I need to have this… I need to look like this to be accepted.”

  • Goal(s): the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

You may think I’m taking this way too seriously, but am I? Why should the Kardashians, models, celebrities, or anyone/anything else be the standard? Are they really? If we were to see how their lives truly are behind the scenes, or the things they go through, I doubt anyone would call it goals.

In this short post, I want to encourage you to observe beyond looks and images – beyond what people choose to share. Instead, make a list of your own “goals” or desires, rather (I don’t know about anyone else, but the word ‘goals’ is no longer appealing to me), and decide what you want in your life. Don’t subconsciously tell yourself you need to look or live like someone else. Choose to be happy and content with who God created you to be, and how to look.