How much time do we spend scrolling through social media gazing and coveting after someone else’s life, looks, material items, sense of fashion, home, and much more? How often do we fall deeper into disliking our own lives and wishing we had someone else’s? Too often (may I add that I am soooooo guilty!) We see others having fun every day! We see them pursuing their goals, achieving them, and going everywhere on the planet. That is, of course, if that’s what they’re really doing.

How often do we stop to discern if what we see is true or false? Not often. Is that person truly happy or are they just putting up a front for their online ‘friends’ and followers? Is everything really going well, or do they just want people to think they have it all? Most importantly, what are you showing to others? Whether it be online or in real life. No, I don’t mean “showing” as in showing off, but rather being your true self no matter what.

It’s unfortunate that we can fall into living false lives just to please the sight of others, or perhaps we can begin to become too personal just so we can come across as “real”. We worry so much about how we’ll look, what people will think and/or say. So what do we do? We make a cover, so to say, for ourselves. We’re one way with the people we know, and another on our social platforms.

My advice? Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be something you’re not (I’m speaking to myself, too), and stop using social media to make everything seem fantastic. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube.. the list goes on. These platforms are used for fun or for getting your work out there. Better yet, it can be used to help others and not just ourselves. Because what happens when you’ve had enough of living “double lives” and cave in? Or someone finds out the truth about you? It’s better to be yourself from the start. Take off the persona, and put on you.

I hope this helps anyone who feels the pressures of the world, or those who feel they need certain things or looks to make them feel acceptable. Keep it simple on these platforms and be you! 😀

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