1. Set small goals to start:

Instead of focusing on how to study every day for the rest of your life without fail, start by focusing on studying in the morning (or night, whenever you have more free time). This way you aren’t feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Set a minimum time limit:

I know it may not seem like much, or that we as Christians must spend long hours reading and praying, but it’s okay to start out small when getting yourself back on track. When I’ve fallen away from studying & praying like I should, I like to start off with 30 minutes – 15 min for reading, and 15 for praying. As you continue, you can increase the time, or if you feel Christ leading you to spend a few more minutes with Him, then do that.

  1. Choose something specific to study:

A common mistake we often make when diving into the Bible is reading random verses, and then asking God, “Okay, what does this mean?” Ask Him if there’s something specific He wants you to study, and if there isn’t, pick something you’d like to read on. A while ago, I chose to read through the book of Psalms, and now I’m making my way through the whole Bible. Or you can choose to follow along with a favorite teacher. I’ve studied by listening to Matt Chandler or Andrew Wommack, and following along in the Word with them.

  1. Make it fun:

Believe it or not, studying your Bible can be fun. Play soft music while you read, or set up a cozy spot. Use fun pens, highlighters, notebooks, etc. Have snacks and drinks. Whatever may help you want to study, do it!

  1. Stay determined:

Let’s face it, there is no one thing that will make us study except our own determination. There will be distractions, and you may miss some days, but as long as you stay determined (just as you may stay so to achieve another goal), you will continue to grow in your relationship with Christ. Remember every small step is a step, and soon they’ll become even bigger steps.

I hope these tips are of great help and motivate you to get back on track. If you have some tips of your own, please feel free to share.