in the pit of my stomach lies a

paradise of butterflies made by you.

when I see your face and smell your scent,

I fight to hide my smile, and hope the blush of my cheeks quickly fade away.

when you are gone, they fall to sleep; but when you return, they fly and fly.

you, and only you, give me butterflies.

  up on the greenest hill stands our clothing line; our clothes together, being blown by the crisp, fresh wind of the country. as I take down each piece of clothing, the earth is filled with the scent of your plain white tee. the one you wear often when I sit close to you; the […]

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people say she’s beautiful all the time; when she goes home, she walks over to the mirror to find what they see in her. is it the shine of her eyes or the tone of her skin? is it the way she smiles, or the shape of her face? she looks for the beauty they […]

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deep intimate companionship is what I seek, for someone to look into my eyes and see through me. one who can be a bowl for which I can pour my soul; and one whom I will let hold when I am feeling cold. who will know me beyond the shallows that I show? who will […]

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I am not memorabilia. You can not keep bits and pieces of me. I will not have my treasures scattered about the earth and oceans. the only memory you will have is when I say goodbye.

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